Painting the City

Painting the City

Oude Stadsgracht

Daan van der Linden transforms his original oil paintings into light artworks in “Painting the City.” With the utmost precision, his paintings have been enlarged, and thousands of small LED lights have been carefully integrated into the canvases by ARTHIT® Atelier. This creates an even glow spread across the canvases. As you admire these luminous artworks, you may notice well-known Eindhoven landmarks or discover hidden gems that have previously escaped your attention.

Some of these radiant artworks reveal iconic Eindhoven landmarks, but “Painting the City” aims to guide you beyond the beaten path and point out the beauty of the unnoticed and the everyday. In “Painting the City,” where Eindhoven cityscapes are displayed, you explore unfamiliar places that deserve as much attention as the city’s eye-catchers. What makes this project particularly special is that, for the first time, so many oil paintings are being exhibited outdoors. Globally, only the Louvre can compete with these daily visitor numbers. Thus, “Painting the City” proudly holds the title of the world’s largest outdoor exhibition.

GLOW welcomes everyone and provides an opportunity to present classical art, such as these original oil paintings with their age-old craftsmanship, in an accessible way to a broad audience. This makes (light) art accessible to everyone!

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About the artist

Daan van der Linden

Daan van der Linden was fascinated by drawing from a young age as a way to visually express his fantasies. This allowed him to create his own world with color and form. Over time, he further developed this talent and used it to assist others and broaden their perspectives. He never understood why some people didn’t consider their village or city as something special. “You are your city, and vice versa, your city is you.” So, what contribution did you make to your ideal environment? Who were you actually waiting for to make your city exactly as you wished? These questions motivated him to share the world as he saw it with those who needed a nudge to discover beauty in everyday things.

“As an Eindhoven oil painter, I want to introduce GLOW visitors to my Eindhoven, both tourists and residents of the city. I want to continuously remind them of the beauty of their living environment. Eindhoven is a city of light, a perpetually beating heart of revolution and resilience. It’s a city of smoking factories and bustling pubs, vibrant stands and festivals. And for those who take the time to pause and observe, it’s also the city of stillness, of observation and seeing.”

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