Parklaan Flashback

Parklaan Flashback

Les Orpailleurs de Lumière made their mark during GLOW 2012 with an impressive projection on the Catharina Church, Sleepless night in full light. For the 2014 edition, they pulled out all the stops once again. Two villas on the stately Parklaan served as the backdrop for Parklaan Flashback.

The history of Eindhoven and its residents in the early twentieth century unfolded in an eight-minute projection on Villa Granville and Villa Weijers (now: Van Lanschot bankers) and their adjacent gardens. The buildings were located opposite each other, and a sort of square was created in between where the audience could simultaneously view the show. The 3D light effects moved from one building to the other like a tennis ball during a match. We saw references to the lives of the industrialists from the tobacco and match industries who resided in the elegant houses along Parklaan. Demonstrating factory workers also made appearances. All of this was accompanied by the necessary sound effects and appropriate music, from ragtime and piano to uptempo and waltz. Parklaan Flashback was a breathtaking spectacle.

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