People of Day and Night

People of Day and Night

For GLOW, Armsrock spent some time in Eindhoven, observing its inhabitants and capturing their behavior in drawings. He transferred the lines of these drawings onto large, blackened glass panels using an etching needle. When the image is projected like a slide, the transparent parts of the glass create a drawing in light.

Various locations in Eindhoven serve as backgrounds for the projections. A man with a dog, a father with a child, or a teenager on a phone appear as memories of life in daylight. The images are as fleeting and weightless as the light from which they are composed.

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About the artist


Danish artist Armsrock creates life-size portraits of usually inconspicuous city inhabitants. He often draws on large sheets of paper that he then sticks onto facades.

His work can be seen as a large, public sketchbook full of images of people and situations. He captures and tells the stories that a city harbors, showing how extraordinary the everyday can be.

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