The Volderhof is a courtyard squeezed between two shopping streets. It is a place for loading and unloading and where trash containers are situated. Visitors are unlikely to come here. The artist has specifically chosen this location for her work to demonstrate the possibilities offered by the existing elements.

Containers have been transformed into street furniture and adorned with colorful lights. The backside of the shop buildings serves as a projection screen for images of flames reminiscent of a crackling fireplace. From an unknown and unloved place, the artist creates a sanctuary for relaxation and social encounters.

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About the artist

Anne Bureau

Anne Bureau’s work is rooted in her fascination with the night and darkness. The sight of a city at night and the experiences that come with it form the basis for all of her work. The French artist focuses particularly on illuminating the exteriors of churches, castles, and other monuments, as well as designing lighting plans for public spaces and interiors.

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