Step into the Light

Step into the Light

The installation ‘Step into the light’ invites the GLOW-visitor to do exactly that what the title suggests. So go ahead, do not hesitate and step underneath the 4 meter high, circular construction of lights. In fact, it is this so-called ‘sweetspot’ which provides the strongest and most impressive experience.

When you find yourself underneath the circle, an entirely new optic view appears. The light sources seem to continue indefinitely towards to sky. It’s almost as if you are in the eye of a hurricane, in your own enclosed world. In resting position, the light beams join towards one central point, so it seems. Or is this just another optical illusion?

Due to the individually controlled lights, a variety of light patterns is created which produces a spectacular interplay of light, inside as well as outside the light shaft. By adding a sound composition, the need arises to connect rhythm, speed and metre to the movement of the light.


Foto: Claus Langer

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About the artist

Michel Suk

As a lighting technician and designer, Suk has been working in the field of light-art since 1980. His commitment to GLOW is admirably great. Sometimes in the background, but quite often visible with his own projects such as “Out of the blue” (2007) “Rejoice in the Lamb” (2010), “Schoonheid van stagnatie” (2011), “Transformatie” (2012), “State machine” (2014), “Opening stadhuis” (2015) and now, in 2016 with “Step into the light”.

By using conventional techniques, Suk tries to create installations that surprise us. A new perspective forms the core of his work, either by replacing spectators or using light sources in unusual shapes. The use of space often leads to larger installations which enhances and enlarges the relation between the object and spectator. The installations are always empowered by a supporting audio source.

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Projects. 2016.

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