Twee Schoorstenen

Twee Schoorstenen

The two striking chimneys of the former power plant at Eindhoven Strijp-T have been transformed into a permanent light artwork. The artwork was a gift to the city by the Strijp-T development team and was designed by Hugo Vrijdag (1970). His assignment for this light artwork: create an appealing and iconic “landmark” that matches the innovative Strijp area.

Hugo Vrijdag treats the two chimneys “like a canvas on which you can apply images with multicolor laser projection”. It uses six RGB 7-Watt lasers. During GLOW 2020 he showed a sneak preview with his projection ‘Connecting the Dots’. From December, Hugo Vrijdag presents the story “Cyclists of light and castles in the air”. An ode to inventors who are inspired by flora and fauna.

In the first year, Hugo Vrijdag will provide the canvas with stories. For the further development of the chimneys, Vrijdag also seeks collaboration with others. He wants to invite other parties, for example students, to create light artworks on the chimneys. By involving multiple parties in the story, it becomes an interactive work of art that communicates with the city and responds to current events.

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About the artist

Hugo Vrijdag

Hugo Vrijdag (1970) graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven. As a visual artist and designer he combines his fascination for technology with storytelling. He writes stories that are then filmed and the lead roles in these films are played by props he designs himself. He is co-founder of the science centres De Ontdekfabriek (Eindhoven), Het Ontdekstation (Tilburg) and the Uitvindfabriek (Breda). Over the years, Hugo Vrijdag has created artworks in public spaces and light installations for previous editions of GLOW.

Permanent artworksPermanent artworksPermanent artworksPermanent artworks Permanent artworksPermanent artworksPermanent artworksPermanent artworks
Permanent artworks

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