Urban Reflex

Urban Reflex

On the facade of the Utility Company Region Eindhoven (NRE), a video projection can be seen, starting calmly with colored patches moving across the facade but ending in a whirlwind of complex images. The intense projection creates convincing illusions. The texture of the facade appears to change, parts of the building seem to move or shift, and ultimately, the facade appears to break into numerous fragments, detaching from the ground and then returning to its original place after a wild journey above the pond.

In Urban Reflex, the possibilities offered by the building’s form are fully utilized. The images have such a suggestive power that the spectator feels drawn in as if in a movie. The accompanying sound, electric tones occasionally reminiscent of keyboard typing, is from BelnvisbleNow.

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About the artist

Apparati Effimeri

Apparati Effimeri is an artists’ collective specialized in projections. They use software widely used in architecture, allowing them to build and manipulate virtual three-dimensional structures. With their temporary artworks, they aim to make the audience see their surroundings through different eyes.

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