Weltmaschine is a type of guerrilla stillness in the city’s busiest spot. The large screen on the Groene Toren overlooking Stationsplein, which normally only displays advertising messages, has been peaceably hijacked by Albert van Abbe. Put that platform to better use! That is the opinion of Van Abbe, who often feels a need to act against mass communication. In reflection of this, the Stationsplein broadcasts a composed, calming and – if the truth be told – ‘empty’ message, instead of the bellowing mass communication which normally assaults passers-by. Fantastic!

The mountain range on the screen looks like an alien interpretation of something familiar. The soundtrack emphasizes a lack of warmth, indicating an environment totally devoid of everything human. Weltmaschine is both a new audio-visual live performance and a series of video installations which generate hyper-realistic landscapes in images and sound.

Fischer’s love of generative systems and Van Abbe’s tendency to act against mass communication flow smoothly together in Weltmaschine as a manifestation of a metaphysical world.

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" E n o r m o u s c a l m a n d c o m p o s u r e i n t h e b u s i e s t s p o t i n E i n d h o v e n "

About the artist

Albert van Abbe & Andreas Fischer

For the very first time, Andreas and Albert are working together! Albert van Abbe (1982, Eindhoven) created several musical projects and is currently creating absorbing techno. Andreas Nicolas Fisher (1982, München) got his MBA at the Berlin University and is involved in the physical manifestation of digital processes and data by generated systems. He uses them to create sculptures, prints and installations. Andreas lives and works in Berlin.

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