Anne Frankplantsoen

In 2050, the Netherlands must emit 95% less greenhouse gases compared to 1990. The target for 2030, in eight years’ time to be precise, must already be 49% less than in 1990. To set this reduction in motion, we must generate awareness of sustainability and energy. With the project ZERO POWER GAME, Coded Club is committed to activating awareness in a playful way. What exactly is sustainable energy? And how can you give people an accessible insight into what – for many – is an elusive subject? That’s right. With a game.

The interactive light game ZERO POWER GAME is a light-hearted way of creating awareness for sustainably generated energy. It shows which sustainable energy sources are available, how they work and what you can do with them. Together with your team (friends or people you just met), you join forces to make the lights shine. In ZERO POWER GAME, electricity is generated by one of the five different sustainable energy sources: solar energy, wind energy, water energy, bio energy and manpower. We have opted for manpower. How much power do you need to light a lamp? Start the game by scanning the QR code that matches your age and experience ZERO POWER GAME for yourself during GLOW.

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About the artist

Coded Club

Coded Club is the partnership of experience designer Anne Veenstra and creative game developer Anke van Vark. With a conviction that learning and sharing information can and should be done differently, Coded Club contributes to this much-needed educational and societal transformation. “We believe that learning is a different process for each individual. So, the transfer of expertise and knowledge should be a collection of various (interactive) processes and aspects.”

People need more than an educational book from which to gather information. In the seasoned world of business or in everyday life, there are more creative ways of communicating an important message than a simple Powerpoint presentation or a governmental campaign. It is the 21st century and we have 21st century skills. People learn in all kinds of different ways. For example, through working, communicating, doing or experiencing, by observing, analysing and experimenting. Coded Club helps organisations and institutes to continue sharing information or skills (knowledge or expertise) to their specific target group. The games not only inform participants, but also invite them to put the acquired knowledge directly into practice. The result: information is stored better and more consciously, and lingers long after the game has ended.

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