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The Beacon project was designed by three groups of in habitants in three different countries. The inhabitants of Jvakskyla in Finland, the residents of Eindhoven and residents of Lyon in France. So it is a special, international project that will travel on to the light festivals in these cities. The three groups chose how they wanted to handle the project. Craig Morrison, artist and driving force behind Beacon, sums it up nicely: ‘Every experiment offers unique challenges, different languages and different ambitions. The motivation for Beacon is to stimulate residents to think about the use of different, conscious materials. The project may encourage more sustainable choices in domestic environments.’

The residents of each city are involved in building the project; they can create something unique. Collaboration is essential for the project to exist. Without local people, Beacon’s light would not shine so bright. Craig Morrison: I tried to think of a way of bringing people together to celebrate the creation of light festivals. I find it very interesting to combine folk elements that are time and location specific. Art and culture are powerful and can initiate a dialogue with citizens. As Joseph Beuys (German visual artist) believed, everyone is an artist, and social art can bring about social change. And we must try this, now more than ever.’

On location, the visitor will be asked to become part of Beacon by rotating the illuminated ball elements. Visit Beacon, the illuminated dome and become an active part!

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About the artist

Craig Morrison

Craig Morrison is an artist and festival director. He has become increasingly interested in introducing more sustainable ways of working. He is also the initiator of several collaborations between artists from different disciplines. This led to interesting and compelling results and beautiful interactions between many other artists and students. The development of visual art in public spaces using light and technology are central themes of his projects. ‘Art reflects who we are. It nourishes the spirit and enriches our lives. Art is something that can bring about positive change. Gerhard Richter said: ‘Art is the highest form of hope’. And I agree with him.’

About the artist


Ateliermcfw, a design agency from Eindhoven consisting of two designers Marvin Corneille and Frank Willems, was asked by Craig Morrison to make a design for the international project Beacon.

For Beacon they were inspired by the dynamic and innovative nature of the city of Eindhoven. This refers to speed, movement, technology and diversity. All these components, linked to the origin of Beacon, in the city of Jyväskylä in Finland, results in a light artwork where interaction and group dynamics play a major role. Beacon is started by means of a dance and a great work of weaving is started. Through social interaction and the efforts of the students of the ROCTerAA and studio Kim Haagen, Beacon has been given an angular exterior where the lines are illuminated by black light.

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