The GLOW route makes hearts race during The Beat

On June 21, a select group of invitees were given a sneak peek of what will kick off again on November 11, 2023: the light art festival GLOW with the theme ‘The Beat’. Ronald Ramakers, director of GLOW, shared the route and the highlights planned for this year’s November edition. His enthusiasm was shared by students who also had the opportunity to present their innovative artworks.

GLOW is more than just a light festival, as was evident during the Sneak Preview at the Philips Stadium. Light art is for everyone, and that’s what GLOW is focusing on this year with new artworks and collaborations centered around the concept of ‘togetherness’. From designs by TU/e, Fontys, Sint Lucas, and the Design Academy to neighborhood initiatives, projects in surrounding municipalities of Eindhoven, and involving the newest generations, GLOW belongs to everyone and is for everyone in Eindhoven and Brainport, with even more emphasis on this aspect this year.

‘The Beat’
The theme of GLOW 2023 is ‘The Beat’, setting the stage for a trilogy of light art, with ‘The Stream’ in 2024 and ‘The Light’ as the dazzling highlight in 2025, marking GLOW’s 20th anniversary. ‘The Beat’ captures and conducts the rhythm of the city, the dynamics between its inhabitants, and the life they share. During the 2023 edition, GLOW will dissect ‘The Beat’ of the city, translating and expressing through light what makes Eindhoven, Eindhoven. Ronald Ramakers said, “The Beat is the heartbeat, the rhythm for GLOW. After all, walking is done step by step, in a rhythm that everyone adopts. GLOW is light art by and for everyone because everyone is equal.”

Student Initiatives
This year, students will once again have the opportunity to showcase their light art initiatives during GLOW. Some of these will be displayed in Anne Frankplantsoen. During the Preview evening, three groups of students presented their designs: the ‘plastic soup’, representing plastic pollution in the ocean; ‘GLOWBLE’ – a 3.5-meter sphere that captures and animates sounds from the environment; and finally, the ‘Eye of the Storm’. Additionally, there is a student initiative projecting an AI interactive light show on the LED screen of the Groene Toren.

During the Preview, Ronald Ramakers took the attendees on a drone video tour showcasing the route from a bird’s-eye view. GLOW 2023 will once again take visitors on a journey through Eindhoven, offering a fresh perspective of the city to both visitors and residents. The route is slightly shorter this year, spanning 5 kilometers, and can be followed through clear (light) signals. Ronald Ramakers gave a glimpse of the highlights along the route, including 18 Septemberplein & De Emmasingel (ASML), Grand Mix GLOW: a deepfake project on Wilhelminaplein (Inook), the neighborhood participation project in Prins Hendrikstraat & Heilige Geeststraat (Jaap van den Elzen), 100 years of Elzent in Elzentlaan and Bilderdijklaan (Cindy Lo and Studio Toer), Catharinakerk (Har Hollands & The Rotaryclub) where the regional project involving surrounding municipalities converges, and Paterskerk (Hugo Vrijdag & all elementary school children). Although not directly part of this year’s program, GLOW already alludes to the largest immersive light experience ever at the Philips Stadium in 2024.

‘The Beat’ is everywhere
Eindhoven thrives and pulsates, from the grandest squares to the narrowest alleys. As the attendees experienced during the gathering, ‘The Beat’ is ubiquitous. And this year, GLOW will literally illuminate it.

More Information
For more information about the route or the theme ‘The Beat’, please contact Suzanne Maas at

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