Night of the Night in Eindhoven

During the Night of the Night, from Saturday, October 27th to Sunday, October 28th, the Municipality of Eindhoven will turn off the lights of eight prominent objects and buildings in Eindhoven to allow residents and visitors to experience the difference between light and darkness, and to create understanding in a sympathetic manner about efficient and sustainable use of light.

The goal of the Night of the Night is to make the Netherlands darker and more sustainable. The Night of the Night is an annual event organized by the Nature and Environment Federations. It is a call to be more conscious about light to combat light pollution and energy waste. In many places, old and inefficient lighting still causes energy waste or light pollution. This is unnecessary and quite unfortunate because there is much to discover in the dark.

Ff dimmen
Ff dimmen or “Dim the Lights for a Moment” is the Eindhoven variation of the government’s “Switch Off the Lights” campaign, where residents can also reduce their lighting at home during the Night of the Night. We cannot live without light, but we can all use it more sparingly.

Collaboration with GLOW
With the Night of the Night and GLOW Eindhoven on the horizon, Eindhoven wants to shed a different light on life, light, and climate. In this context, this year, the Municipality of Eindhoven and Eindhoven event organizers, including GLOW, have signed a ‘Green Deal Events’. In this deal, they have agreed to take responsibility to reduce the impact of events on the environment and nature.

GLOW, together with its founders, the Municipality of Eindhoven and Signify, takes a leading role in the field of efficient and sustainable light. The total energy consumption of GLOW is still about 6500 kWh*. This is comparable to the average consumption of about 100 Dutch households during the same 9-day GLOW (*figures from 2022).

If companies, entrepreneurs, and associations also turn off the lights and light advertisements where possible during the Night of the Night. And if people dim or turn off their lights at home and enjoy an evening in twilight, together we can save much more energy this evening than the Eindhoven light art festival GLOW consumes in electricity. Let’s take the step together towards a more sustainable world.

Icons in the Dark
The choice of the eight well-known Eindhoven objects reflects the DNA of Eindhoven. These most distinctive objects are already equipped with smart and/or sustainable LED lighting.

Eight Eindhoven icons in the dark:

  1. The striking permanent interactive light artwork ‘De Zwerm’, where the swarm of 700 illuminated birds temporarily does not fly with road users into the tunnel.
  2. De Witte Dame, the icon where light from Eindhoven became a source of light for the whole world.
  3. Het Dommelbruggetje, with its rich history, temporarily does not give passers-by of the Dommel a special light touch.
  4. The fountain on Stadhuisplein, where the waterproof LED screens will not surprise visitors this evening with a completely different view.
  5. The enormous mysterious high Light Needle, which drivers normally cannot avoid as it slowly changes color in a random pattern. This will temporarily not mark the important intersection.
  6. The impressively high, cigar-shaped illuminated Pylon that lets the Hovenring bike roundabout float will not mark the entrance to Eindhoven this evening.
  7. The illuminated fountain on Floraplein temporarily does not accentuate the monumental entrance to the city.
  8. For a moment, there will be no beautiful play of light from the arch bridge over the A2 motorway. The one hundred and sixty meter long Tegenbosch bicycle bridge, where the dynamic lighting normally follows the cyclists and pedestrians, will leave the darkness dark during the Night of the Night.

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