Fish are Jumping

Fish are Jumping


“Flying light, it can only happen in Eindhoven.” With this comment from a bystander during the test phase at the city canal in Eindhoven, Studio Toer knew that its light artwork Fish are Jumping was going in the right direction. And this realisation has been confirmed many times. During exhibitions abroad, Studio Toer has occasionally heard that their work has an Eindhoven edge. Why? Because it is High Tech and innovative. Studio Toer likes to be inspired by the power of movement. Everything moves outside. And people are able to read this movement. The idea behind Fish are Jumping stems from earlier experiments in exploring new experiences and avenues. So let yourself be surprised and amazed.

The seemingly simple performance begins with a sound. Followed by silence and then… splash. You look. Too late. Or not? There it goes. Another splash. Followed by silence. The surface of the water breaks. Light jumps up. The light shines and doubles in the reflection. The light descends, quickly. Splash again. Then darkness. Black. A slow ripple appears on the water. It is a play of light and dark, of quick and slow, of sound and silence. Fish are Jumping is a natural sequel to Bouncing Ideas (GLOW 2021, TU/e campus). This year, Studio Toer was given the chance to innovate further and deepen, as it were. The location made available for this by GLOW is the Eindhoven city canal. Fish are Jumping is characterised by a strong exploratory and experimental approach. Both the technical and the aesthetical boundaries of design have been explored in a wide range of art.

" A l o n z e c r e a t i e s b e g i n n e n m e t d e v r i j h e i d v a n h e t s p e l "

About the artist

Studio Toer

Studio Toer is a multidisciplinary design collective based in Eindhoven. That immediately makes them part of the high-tech city of light and GLOW. Their work is playful and seemingly simple. Studio Toer was founded in 2011 by Castor Bours (1984) and Wouter Widdershoven (1986). The duo enjoys new experiences and exploring new paths. With backgrounds in art, interactive design and their strong explorative and experimental approach, they are able to push both the aesthetic and technical boundaries of design using diverse media.

Studio Toer has garnered global attention with projects like ‘Cumulus’, a stand-alone parasol that uses solar energy to inflate to a cloud-like form. ‘Fiet’, a light sculpture that reacts to changes in its environment, and ‘Shaped by Time’, a clock that forms itself over time. Toer’s interactive installations have been presented at numerous international festivals and can be admired worldwide.

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