Anne Frankplantsoen

Stringed is the name of this artistic piece. It is a slow and concentrated artwork that combines light and text in an urban context. Seemingly floating and scattered in the air, waves of moving points of light converge at the last moment in a story that disappears from view as quickly as it came.

This story literally hangs in the air, takes on a visible form, becomes legible for a moment and then disappears again, reminiscent of the ephemerality of the spoken language. The illuminated words in Stringed do not leave a physical footprint, but leave a light impression on the observer.

Stringed is an outdoor installation that came with some technical challenges. Gijs van Bon describes it rather poetically: “The piece fights its outdoor environment due to the intricate and small-scale technology used. Water tries to get in. Wind tries to topple the construction. Heat tries to destroy the microcontrollers.”
Stringed spans 20 meters with seven data lines. Gijs van Bon built several prototypes before getting the right details in the right places. But the end result was worth it; a large transparent framework with LED strips varying in size and length. STRINGED can take on intimate dimensions, but can also embrace a large outside area or the outside of a building.

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About the artist

Gijs van Bon

Gijs van Bon is generally known for his abstract kinetic artworks, light art and time-based installations. His distinctly physical works seamlessly combine elements of technology, art and theatrical performance. He uses a constantly growing repertoire of technical inventions and materials to design his slowly moving and carefully choreographed objects. These installations often come ‘to life’ and become autonomous, theatrical events themselves. Both his small and large works invite viewers to take a better look while at the same time expanding their notions of time, language and space.

Gijs van Bon (1975) studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven and then completed a course at the HKU in the theatre design department. His work has been on display in galleries, art centres, events and festivals all over the world since 2001. He lives in Nuenen and works in his dynamic studio ‘La Citta Mobile’ in the city of Eindhoven amongst other designers and artists.

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