Jan Smitslaan, De Elzent

Blossom is about the rhythm, the beat, and the patterns of nature. The constant change of seasons inspired Studio Toer to recreate the Japanese cherry blossom that, here in De Elzent, emerges after the darkest days. The very first color of spring unfolds in these streets. Suddenly, it appears, and a pink glow, a splendid palette of colors, emerges. This metamorphosis continues to astonish and led Studio Toer to create a special work for it. Even though winter has not yet announced itself, it is a fascination to look forward to; we all know the feeling of spring. Blossom is a tribute to the blossom and conveys the message that beneath the surface, beyond what we can see, the first buds of blossom automatically develop. When the time comes, the flowers bloom silently, leaving us in wonder.

In Japan, the tree (Sakura) symbolizes the transience of life, and the bloom is celebrated with the flower-viewing festival (Hanami).

Soundscape by Bruno Bours.

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' B l o s s o m i s a n h o m a g e t o t h e b l o s s o m o f D e E l z e n t . I t e v o k e s t h e f e e l i n g o f t h e b e g i n n i n g o f s p r i n g . '

About the artists

Studio Toer

Studio Toer is a multidisciplinary design collective based in Eindhoven. Founded twelve years ago in 2011 by Castor Bours and Wouter Widdershoven, they have since created an impressive range of works for renowned international festivals, including Vivid in Sydney, Fête des Lumières in Lyon, and I-light in Singapore. Their connection with Eindhoven remains strong, and they have created numerous editions of light artworks for GLOW. Their work is often playful and appears simple but is rich in depth. With backgrounds in art and interactive design, and a strong explorative and experimental approach, Studio Toer pushes both the aesthetic and technical boundaries of design. This results in playful expressions in art and experience, ranging from light installations to objects and innovative products.

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