De Wensfabriek

De Wensfabriek


During GLOW 2023, we count The Wish Factory three times. This time, the location is not the Paterskerk (2021) or the Gasfabriek (2017), but the Catharine Church as the beating heart of the light festival. In the midst of the city’s hustle and bustle, the GLOW route, and the hectic pace of the day, you will find peace and space in the Catharine Church to pause. It’s the perfect place for a simple and beautiful ritual you might be familiar with: lighting a candle for someone else or for yourself. Usually, you do this in silence, keeping that wish repeating in your head. Speaking it aloud and writing it out extensively is not something you do quickly, let alone reading it on the walls. During The Wish Factory, you have the opportunity to make your wish – anonymously – larger than life and let it shine on the old vaults and walls of the Catharine Church. In all its years of existence, since 1867, the church has held hundreds of thousands of (silent) wishes. That makes a visit even more special.

Instead of simply observing light art, as a visitor, you become an artist of light. What do you dream of? Are you thinking of someone? Is an important exam approaching? Does your family need some help? Are you searching for the love of your life or longing for more time with your loved ones? Maybe you’ll light five candles…

Your wish means something immediately to someone else. A contribution of 2,50 euros is requested for lighting a candle. The entire amount goes to the charity: ‘The Fight Against Poverty in Eindhoven.’

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' W i t h y o u r w i s h , y o u h e l p o t h e r s '

About the artists

Rotary Eeckaerde & architect Har Hollands

Rotary Eeckaerde

The Rotary is a global organization consisting of an impressive network of service clubs. With over 1.2 million members in 31,500 clubs across 166 countries, Rotary is a force for positive change worldwide. One of these clubs is the Rotary Club Eindhoven Eeckaerde, a diverse and inclusive group with 40 members. What sets this club apart is the wide diversity of professions its members represent. Their motto, ‘Service Above Self,’ embodies the club’s dedication to contributing and helping others in need. ‘It simply means that we are ready to give of ourselves to help another.’

Har Hollands

Har Hollands leads a renowned lighting design firm based in Eindhoven, active worldwide. His specialization lies in creating effective and adaptable architectural lighting effects and atmospheres, both for the exterior and interior spaces of buildings. Additionally, he has extensive experience in designing lighting systems for various applications, such as shopping centers, public spaces, historical sites, industrial heritage, monuments, and civil engineering projects. What characterizes his work is the art of fully harnessing the poetic, dramatic, and enchanting power of light.

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