Evolution of Life

Evolution of Life

De Emmasingel

Evolution of Life opens a passageway to a serene haven, invoking mindfulness and feelings of joy. Immersive nature-themed visualizations and soundscapes blend in with the cityscape of Eindhoven. For people and nature, water is life. In Evolution of Life water is flowing, nature is growing and there’s life in the beating heart. 

This one-of-a-kind artwork brings an earth-inspired environment to life, awakening people’s senses. It brings you back to the great outdoors, where you can feel the connection with all the wonders Mother Nature has to offer. Reminding us to protect the delicate balance of our planet’s ecosystems, essential for the survival and well-being of all living beings.

For the first time in this capacity, the iconic Emmasingel is one of the eye-catchers of GLOW Eindhoven A team of ASML artists is transforming this grand boulevard into an idyllic world, where the hearts of all people and the wider community are beating in harmony. 

Evolution of Life combines a variety of technologies such as projections, light effects, animations, 3D motion effects and soundscapes together into one shared collective experience. The historic tall buildings on both sides of the Emmasingel act as huge canvasses. They deliver a ‘tunnelling’ effect visitors walk through for an experience that engages their minds and hearts. 

The colors, moving patterns and rhythms within the visuals and the pulsing beats in the soundscape are subtle and carry the whole scene in the Emmasingel. Evolution of Life brings the natural world into the heart of the city, using the built environment as a creative space. 

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About the artist


ASML’s Evolution of Life explores how we can replicate a sense of nature’s beauty in an urban environment. The team is made up of a diverse group of enthusiastic engineers from a variety of sectors within ASML: development, supply chain, factory or customer service, supported by local experts. 

They have a broad range of expert knowledge and skills such as the creative ability to move from a blank page towards tangible end-results. Their daily work focuses on areas such as hardware, data and software to name a few, which power the ‘beating chips heart’ inside the technologies used in Evolution of Life:

“We challenge ourselves to find creative quality solutions for any issues which we encounter on our path to success. We’re always in for a design challenge and expect the unexpected! Enjoying or even producing art in its multiple forms is also part of our private lives for many of us. Evolution of Life speaks to all humans, finding joy and mindfulness for a healthy work-life balance in a vibrant community.”

Team: Antonio Encerrabodes, Antonios Zagaris, Dimitra Gkorou, Dirk van Poppel, Faruk Tellioglu, Ioanna Lazou, Jos Verhagen, Jurgen Buurman, Michel Suk, Miguel Pires, Mohsen Mehrafrouz, Nic Geron, Ralph de Pagter, Soumitra Shah, Stef Voermans, Sumeet Rohilla, Willem Jan Grootjans.


ASML is moving semiconductor technology forward to create meaningful innovative ideas for society. As a proud partner of GLOW since 2012, ASML believes culture plays a vital role in connecting a community. People are stronger when they support and inspire each other, so everyone feels at home. In Brainport Eindhoven, Europe’s top tech hub, people innovate, live and work together. Everybody counts in this vibrant region, where GLOW brings people together every November.

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