Dreaming Demons

Dreaming Demons

In a black and white post-human landscape, a heated engine roars and waits. Bottled creatures move up and down. Stand and watch the untold story of Dreaming Demons.
Pure printed images combined with kinetic elements are an ode to the disconnect between the digital and the material world we live in today.

Physical contact is increasingly outdated and new ways need to be explored. To emphasize this discrepancy, no digital screens have been used, no video mappings, only materials from the ‘old’ world: such as ropes, spindles, stepper motors. However, the landscape shown is a disturbing vision. An untold future, a world no longer inhabited by humans but by beings called Dreaming Demons. What is their story? What are they up to? Bubbles disappear into thin air.

Because of the crowd, this was a project for a limited number of spectators. It is therefore a ‘hidden project’. If you’re lucky , you’ll be invited inside to experience the world of the Dreaming Demons. The viewer will have to make his own story in the middle of the work and will be asked to take off the shoes.

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About the artist

Leffe Goldstein, Richard van Kruysdijk & Kinetic Humor

In this compelling work, graphic artist Leffe Goldstein (Utrecht) presents his bizarre alternative future perspective, brought to life by Ivo Schoofs & Pepe Heijnen (Eindhoven) of Kinetic Humor. The physical work, consisting of 17 scenes, is combined with a large number of kinetic elements, for example moving bottles, rotating landscapes, light effects and an intense soundscape by Richard van Kruysdijk (Eindhoven).

Partner: Van Nieuwpoort eps products

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