18 Septemberplein

Rhythm’s design starts from small sparkles of light that grow and evolve into interwoven strands of DNA, gradually starting life with a giant heartbeat that unites us. All human beings share 99.9% identical DNA, beating at a rhythmic pace. The more we feel or pay attention to this beat, the more harmonious symphony we can play. 

Inspired by the liveliness of fireflies circling around each other, Rhythm suggests that everything in our world is interconnected. From the origins of the universe, the movement of tiny elements to the continuation of life, there’s a rhythm engaging energy from all dimensions. From this interpretation, everyone’s heart beats to an ever-evolving rhythm, with our minds eventually flowing together.

Rhythm captures the pulse of the people who live in the city. Communities where residents share more than just walls and prosper through collective experiences. From the hometown stadium crowd cheering on PSV to simple gestures such as greeting your neighbors or someone kindly offering you a seat on the bus to Veldhoven. Bonding with loved ones or connecting with new people can brighten anyone’s day. It shows how humans co-exist and are stronger together when they empathize with each other’s challenges and triumphs.

Just like each instrument’s notes sync to create a musical masterpiece, everybody’s contributions matter in our community. This is mirrored in the strong bond between ASML and the Brainport region, which share the same DNA and a common background.  Growing a community together is all about looking out for each other and listening to everyone’s voice.

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About the artist


ASML’s Rhythm team has searched for the answer to what it means to truly feel alive. Is it ‘discovery’ like the thrill of falling in love? Or a sense of ‘belonging’ in your community? They found it’s a combination of both these central human desires.

A dedicated team of five experts in production, engineering, quality and supply chain, supported by a local expert, came together to turn the 18 Septemberplein into a big beating heart. They’re using the strong connection between technology and the arts to unify people through light and sound, bringing some warmth to Eindhoven this November.

“Diverse streams of energy are coming together in the city from all corners of the universe, ultimately merging in a harmonious rhythm that leaves a lasting impression. You hear the rhythms of the city when walking the square, you see love when you see people enjoying a night out with their family or friends, their hearts beating as one. That’s the feeling we want to convey at GLOW.”

Team: Jeroen Peters, Michel Suk,  Mohsen Mehrafrouz, Niels van Arendonk, Stephen Audish, Ward Alting Siberg, Xuemei Yang


ASML is moving semiconductor technology forward to create meaningful innovative ideas for society. As a proud partner of GLOW since 2012, ASML believes culture plays a vital role in connecting a community. People are stronger when they support and inspire each other, so everyone feels at home. In Brainport Eindhoven, Europe’s top tech hub, people innovate, live and work together. Everybody counts in this vibrant region, where GLOW brings people together every November.

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