Futures of GLOW?

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Imagine having the opportunity to create a light artwork. Would you revert to previous artworks you’ve seen, perhaps even (un)consciously imitating elements of them? Or would you set your creative mind free, unrestricted by any limitations? Fontys ICT Delta, a student team from Fontys University, offers you this chance. Not through a traditional brainstorming session where you organize all your thoughts and ideas into a mind map, but with the assistance of specialized AI technology. With just one click, you can bring a light artwork to life. You are in control of new discoveries, you are the light artist! And as you view potential light art through the eyes of a machine, it becomes clear that this exhibition provides an opportunity to translate creativity into tangible art.

In a world where technology and art are becoming increasingly intertwined, it’s undeniable that there is also more interaction between computers and people. This raises an important question: is the rise of AI a progress for all of us, as it enhances creativity and artistic possibilities? Or is it a threat to authentic art, as it allows us to ‘borrow’ ideas from others for our own works?

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Talent Awards by GoodHabitz

Fontys ICT DELTA is nominated for the GLOW Talent Award. In this competition, seven student teams compete for the coveted audience award. Join in and ensure that one of these teams gets the opportunity to further develop their project, along with a valuable cash prize. Vote as well! Your vote makes a difference and opens the door to creative innovations.

Starting from November 11th, you can cast your vote.


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About the artists


Fontys ICT Delta, a team of passionate students, shares a common passion for ICT and innovation. Each team member stands out with an extensive range of knowledge and expertise in the field of information technology. Members of Fontys ICT are part of the Delta excellence program, which grants them the freedom to shape their own development within the field of ICT. The team consists of various specialists, including AI experts, software developers, and designers, who collectively strive for innovation. The inspiration for this project comes from the world of technology, where the team explored the latest developments in AI and image generation. The team saw a unique opportunity to create a special experience for GLOW, investigating how the AI community collaborates, especially in the realm of idea sharing. Every image they created for this purpose carries the distinctive GLOW essence and is specifically designed for the festival.

Bart van Eijkelenburg, Jasper van den Meiracker, Niels van der Burg, Dewi Berkhof, Tim Brouwers, Andrada Pancu, Eline Vooijs, Kalle Pronk, Panagiotis Kalogeropoulos, Vitali Bestolkau

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