Artist Elke Veltman and (city) poet Jessica Bartels received an assignment from CKE and Vitalis for a project focusing on the week of loneliness. During a conversation, they discovered that both had part-time jobs in home care. Talking about all the beautiful stories and wisdom they found there, it quickly became clear that this project should have exactly the same approach: shining a spotlight on life stories. And in a very literal sense, because all the narrative poems they have created are now shining their light on the lampposts of the Bleekstraat.

The life stories were gathered by residential care group Vitalis. Together with city poet Corinne Heyrman, Elke and Jessica talked to residents who welcomed their visit. The poets translated their stories into the beautiful life poems you see here, in the Bleekstraat. Elke Veltman embroidered the poems on old sheets using a variety of handicraft techniques. She did this together with the residents themselves. ‘Each group I embroidered with was different, each with its own limitations. The techniques we used are inspired by the possibilities within the group. I learned just as much from these elderly people as they did from me.’ Eventually, the poems were transformed into lampshades for lampposts, so that the special stories could be exhibited to passers-by and residents in the neighbourhood. White on white, so that the poems are suddenly illuminated when the lights turn on at night. Elke collected the sheets by placing an ad in the Eindhovens Dagblad. She received a huge number of replies, after which she went door-to-door to pick them all up.‘Most of them came from the wedding trousseau and here again, I heard the most amazing life stories.


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Poems Lichterbij

About the artist

Elke Veltman, with (city)poets Jessica Bartels & Corinne Heyrman

Elke Veltman was born in Eindhoven in 1981. As a visual artist, she graduated in video and performance from the St. Joost art academy She then continued her studies at the School of Arts in Tilburg. She combines her visual work with people, establishing links with the social domain. Spontaneous encounters are key in her work and form the inspiration she applies to various techniques like video, photography, performance and textiles. ‘Art evokes wonder and brings (topical) themes to light in a special way. As such, people start talking to each other. They come to the conclusion that we all have different points of view, but by exploring them we can learn from each other. Art connects people and that’s really important in a world full of polarisation is an ever-present threat.’

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