Sketch Your Light

Sketch Your Light

You probably don’t give it much thought, but the way we light up public space at night has a profound influence on how we experience and use it. But is the one-size-fits-all way we light up public space the best and most meaningful way? What if we use new lighting possibilities like colour, different light patterns and dynamics to tailor public lighting to the needs and wishes of people in their neighbourhood? How would you shape the light in your neighbourhood if you had full control?

To tackle these questions, Philip Ross developed the Lichtschets systeem Custom-developed intelligent streetlights with new lighting possibilities and a tablet interface that allows people to sketch the light they desire, live in their neighbourhood.

For GLOW, TU/e students have developed an exciting new way to sketch light with this system: Using hand gestures you can create colours and patterns of light where you want them. As if you sketch light directly with your hand. The system is integrated into the landscape art of Ad Dekker and Jean Leering at the TU/e campus. You are invited to take place on one of the sketching stations and together with the other Light Sketchers transform this landscape artwork into light art made for and by GLOW visitors.


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About the artist

Oriana Ferrari, Wesley Hartogs, Jesper Kapteijns, Panteleimon Katsis, Isidoros Kotinis & Philip Ross

Oriana, Wesley, Jesper, Panteleimon and Isidoros are TU/e bachelor students with studies ranging from Industrial Design, to Electronical Engineering to Applied Physics. They took on the challenge to develop a new interface to the Light Sketching system designed by Philip Ross. More background of the Light Sketching system is available at the project Slim Licht Maakt Plaats.

Partners: Studio Philip Ross, Intelligent Lighting Institute TU/e

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