Path between Vestdijk and Kanaalstraat

During the dark hours of the evening, you may sometimes experience an eerie feeling, such as fear or vigilance. In any case, it can be unpleasant. Especially unlit places in the city or along the route can evoke these emotions. The light artwork Together by the students of SintLucas is about that experience, and with this project, they aim to raise awareness about feeling safe on the streets. Together is a statement to create a society where everyone feels comfortable on the streets. It is something we can all work on together, as Fong from SintLucas aptly puts it: “Everyone should feel safe at all times of the day.”

Together consists of six unique figures placed in a circle. These figures represent the diversity on the streets, symbolize unity, and encourage you and other visitors to come together. When you touch one of these figures, the entire circle responds with a play of light and rhythm. It symbolizes the power of interaction and how we can all have an impact on others and the community as a whole; together, we ensure a sense of safety for everyone. Together shows that we are stronger when we care for each other and invites you to connect, make friends, and create a sense of togetherness. First at GLOW, then on the streets!

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Talent Awards by GoodHabitz

Together is nominated for the GLOW Talent Award. In this competition, seven student teams compete for the coveted audience award. Join in and ensure that one of these teams gets the opportunity to further develop their project, along with a valuable cash prize. Vote as well! Your vote makes a difference and opens the door to creative innovations.

Starting from November 11th, you can cast your vote.

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About the artists

Fong Yee (SintLucas)

Fong You Yee, in collaboration with Eveline Pieternella and Wisse van Barschot, developed Together. The three students from SintLucas are studying Creative Technologies.

Fong You Yee
Fong You Yee is 21 years old and spent five years in China, which greatly expanded his worldview. He is passionate about technology and fascinated by its possibilities. He interned with GLOW artist Hugo Vrijdag and participated in a previous GLOW edition in the Museum Monsters project.

Eveline Pieternella
Eveline Pieternella is an enthusiastic resident of Tilburg with a strong passion for Creative Coding and creating interactive experiences. She also enjoys working as a tour guide and workshop host. Her dream is to tell unheard stories and make education accessible through a combination of technology and art.

Wisse van Barschot
Wisse van Barschot is a student at SintLucas in Eindhoven. In his free time, he enjoys working with leather, wood, and metal. He previously participated in a GLOW project called Hack GLOW from Dynamo and now volunteers there to creatively inspire young people and teach them new skills.

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