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The most powerful laser in the world

Between 10:30 PM and 11:00 PM, a special moment awaits you as GLOW Eindhoven briefly reveals itself in the distance with a green laser. This is the signal that the light festival is nearing its end for the evening. From Utrecht to Maastricht and from Bergen op Zoom to Krefeld (Germany), you can witness a visual spectacle. The laser beam reaches a staggering altitude of up to 10 kilometers and is visible from a distance of up to 80 kilometers. High-tech company TRUMPF produced the most powerful laser in the world to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Have you caught a glimpse of the laser? Capture this unique moment, share your photo on Instagram and Facebook, and don’t forget to tag us @gloweindhoven and @TRUMPF. Let us know where you were; we’re curious about everyone who spotted the laser.

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Low energy consumption
The green light is generated by a laser with an output of three kilowatts. This laser is particularly energy-efficient. Running it for an hour consumes about as much energy as eight people simultaneously blow-drying their hair.

Around 35 experts in action
The project involved approximately 35 laser specialists, safety experts, designers, and other professionals. In addition to TRUMPF’s laser expertise, operating such a laser requires extensive specialized knowledge. Among other things, airspace must be monitored to ensure aviation safety.

How high does the laser beam reach?
The laser beam remains clear and distinct at an altitude of ten kilometers. It gradually weakens as it ascends further due to the decrease in air particles.

How wide is the laser beam?
As it exits the laser system, the beam is approximately two centimeters wide.

Why does the laser sometimes turn off?
A specially built radar system ensures that the laser is turned off when an aircraft approaches.

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